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Screw Wire 1022AK, 1018AK (Sale Item: low carbon wire)
Production Dia.: Dia. 2.15 ~ 5.45mm
Coatings: ROSH or ACQ compliance
HIGG SST performance, excellent surface appearance, low process cost, thin coating thickness without gauge problems, eliminate waste water and the major pollution.

CR3: Clear Zinc, Yellow, Black

Special Coating

MAGNI Series

Special Coating - MAGNI Series

ManoMate Anomate Totally Chromate Free, Competitive Price (Cr6 < Nanomate Cr-Free < Cr3)

Special Coating - ManoMate Anomate Totally Chromate Free


Special Coating - Ruspert

Mechanical Zinc (Galvanized) Per AS3566 Class 3, Class 4

Special Coating - Mechanical Zinc (Galvanized)


Special Coating - Dacrotized

Other Famishments: CR6 Zinc, Zinc Yellow, Black Zinc, Green Zinc

Brass, Nickel, Black Nickel, Antique Brass, Statuary Bronze

Special Coating - Other Famishments